Monday, January 24, 2011

Where is your place ?

I wonder where you are...
Where I am or where the people are...
Here ...
People around...
My place in the world is right there... In the right spot...
In the right.


One step forward

Never Look back
Never give up
Always forward
Look at your goals
Focus and real-lize


Walking sideways

Break the obstacles
Turn around
Pull aside the rocks
Find the surrogate
Then keep running


Fly away

Stay NOT


Heat inside

Feel the anger
Rebel yourself
Let it go


Left Behind

They went
You stay
You cry
They run
You pause
You abide
They come

Friday, January 14, 2011

G.G Allin Tribute ?

It was just until a recent trip to a friend's house that I got to know more about this GG Allin. I discovered how fabulous he was for his generation, people hated him as well as loved him.

His father wanted him to be a new Jesus and I guess he eventually became the messiah in the underground culture of punk rock. His father was right at some point. G.G or Jesus or Michael or Kevin ...whoever he was... I respect him...or hate him for what he was...marking a difference in a world full of hatred and lust.

After listening to some of his records, I decide to draw something that may help to remember him...or maybe hate him much.


Who are you for real G.G

Who really knew you?
Who really were you?
Were you a human being?
Where are you now?
What was coming out of your mind or heart ?
What was ..what you really wanted in life ?

Can you answer...??

Kissing Flames

Were you down on your mind?
Playing games that screwed your life.
Kissing flames
Losing time
you are dead

Can't afford the bail

There is nothing to afford.
be there
be here
be no where
be money
be nothing

A dagger in my heart

Is the girl in the magazine ?
Is the one in your mind?
Get what you want and run away far and far
Is it love what you want ?
or just something real in your hand ?


When I die
Your promise was not accomplished.
You rest in piece after wrath.
You are in heaven or hell or maybe nowhere.
When I die... you die...and die, die.
People will remember you for what you could not die.