Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And what about me...

Today's drawings are about ME. Egocentric and individualistic human being. Why everything must be around me and all my being? There are many MEs around and today these pics are for you and only you.

Kill ME

Once you love me and learn how I am you may want to kill who I am.


Take ME

Once you kill me because you loved me it is time to take me to the graveyard and leave some flowers so I can remember YOU.


Love ME

If you loved me ....it is because I meant something for you and I am pretty sure you will love ME all your life.


Live ME

Did you enjoy every moment with me ?
Remember all those good things we used to do together and live ME in your heart.


En-light ME

Give me all your knowledge , all your wisdom, guide me to the right path, now that I am not here...En-light ME.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where is your inner - self ?

Who is going to save you ?

If there is a hell and you do not believe in such, where are you going after you die? If you have been a sinner. Do you think you would go to HELL or maybe JAIL ?

Pray for your soul

If you really have a soul who moves you and gives you energy to do the things in this life.
Should you pray for your soul to go to a better place than earth after you die?

Figure it out

If you do not know who you are , or you do not know what to believe,,,,Man just figure it out!!!!

Angels everywhere

If you were an Angel, where would you be now ?
If you believe in Angels, who is your angel ?
If you do not believe in Angels, then you are screwed and you will not have anybody to protect your soul.

...and you still practice what you preach ?

If you do not practice what you advice to people...would you be a bad person ?

If you say and say, and repeat and preach...you would never be allowed to make mistakes...you are a human...then MAKE MISTAKES .,,,,but make sure to learn from them and never MAKE them again.

Friday, October 15, 2010

And silence will tell

It is not what you think

Sometimes things are not the same as they appear, learn to discover beyond what is there.


It is not ok to do that now

Be quiet, remain silent, so not say things now, think before speak...and better stay there doing nothing.


It is not fair

The more you work and fight for what you want...somebody comes and takes it all...


It is not done

Let me finish my duties...my shores...my things..and besides...I am still working on this.


It is not your real name

Why do you hide behind that fake name ? you do not want to be discover by the people on the internetsssss...

Thursday, September 9, 2010

When september ends

You have to do this now
Duties are to be done, sometimes you do not want to do anything, but....today you have to do it no matter what.


We did not do this

It is not our fault. This mess is not ours. You should blame it on others.


How can you be like this

Stop being like they way you are behaving now, do not be such an idiot, do not treat me like this, I deserve better.


Exito road

The best way to success is by doing the things instead of saying them. Go ahead and take any route and start your new beginning to what you deserve.


Crazy little thing

Under your bed there is this thing that is hiding, it does not want to be seen, it may be inside your mind...and the only thing we know....is.....it is just crazy.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

And the ugly showed up finally

These new series of sketches are what I call...or people call. What the heck is this..shit....??? I would call these drawings...whatever!!!!!!it's Ugly and I like it....

And the water came

After many days of rain, storms, tornadoes and water. This is how I see how bad it was.


And the soul was stolen

I had a dream that my soul was stolen and it was taken to an unknown place. What am I going to do now?


And the money run away

I see people worried too much about money and what is can buy. For me it just runs away every time...I just wonder where.


And the end is near

An apocalyptic vision today................dark, red,orange sky... the end is near.....repent...soon..and eat your donuts..make sure to drink your coffee,


And the blood was everywhere

too much murder, killing, assassinations bla...blood...bla...blood...everywhere..why ?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day in a life of a human beign

What is it like to be a human being ?
Being able to do things like :
...and creating.
These are the sketches of this month. Are you sure you are a human being ?

You may be surprised

There are things in life that come at some moment in life that you do not expect them. Be ready to receive them. They may be good news.

That was good

At the end of the day, some coffee or tea and cookies...or why not a cold beer on a warm day...gosh...that was really good.


Love me as I am

yes, I am ugly, fat, hairy I do not dress properly, but people say I am nice. So please, love me as I am. and you should love yourself the way you are...FAT ASS.


I need to calm down

After a heated discussion with somebody. You know you are right. you know that the evidence shows the real thing. You yell and get exited . Now CALM DOWN please.


Confused and Unresolved

And now what,,?? after all this mess in my mind and after all arguments...discussions...is there anything else to do . I just need to gather my thoughts and solve the puzzle.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Power and strenght

What do you need these days to strengthen your soul ?

I need some time to do what I want....my sketches.
Here are 5 more for this months.


Always believe what they tell you

I never believe what people tell me, or the news, or the media or my friends. I have the urge to go beyond. So you should find out what is going on in life.


Live adventurous

Live the life. Live as if today where the last day of your life. Do not give up your dreams. Set up your goals and try everyday to accomplish something to get to them main goal.

The queen of nowhere

I do not like those people who always think they are better than others...and what is funny they are NOT. Stop being cocky and be more considerate to others.


Worth Gold

What are you worth ?
You buy a health insurance and life insurance and how much money they give you when you are death. Is that really your value ? For real !!!!


You are complicated

Some people are just hard to deal with. It is difficult to understand some others ideas and it is just not easy to get it. Forget it and LEAVE NOW.


Wednesday, January 13, 2010

What a trend ..ah?

I believe

Is the life in other planets?
Who or what created where we live?
is everything we think it is?
Have we created the universe and it is only in our minds ?


Where should I go ?

Sometimes in life I do not know where I am going. Sometimes you see the obstacles that need to be overcome.


Where are you taking me ?

For god's sake, is this the way I am supposed to take ?
Ok, I let you guide me in this one.


This is my point of view

I know we differ, I know you think in a different way. But this is my point of view. PERIOD.


Changing habits

Old habits turning into new. New visions for a better being.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Winter sketches

Satanas te espera al final del camino

At the end of your life you will not know what is going to happen...is it going to be good ? or bad ? something unreal ?...something real ? what is it ?


Pensamientos Confusos

One of those days when everything goes around in your mind and you do not know what to do, what to think, where to go to solve your inner problems.


My lips are sealed in green

Sometimes there are moments when it is better not to say anything and speak to ourselves and be calm.


I really can see from here

These are the eyes that see everything from beyond, the eyes that look for the truth and the real person inside you.


Dancing with no partner

I recently found out how people can really be themselves when they are alone...no partner means freedom, freedom of doing whatever I want in my own space,