Tuesday, October 6, 2009

How are you feeling today ? Sketches : ugly series

I will never cry again

Those moments when you are sad, you want to cry and just throw the towel, but I will never let those moments happen again.

I am ugly, blame it on the colors.

Somebody said : "This sketch is awful" I thought it was actually 'cause the colors seem not to be that appealing to people,,,,I am on your side little sketch.

Vida real

A taste of real life experience would be : helping out others to accomplish things

Ahora si es el momento de la verdad

Now is the time to really shine .....do not let the dark sides get you.

Don Pedro

Here is your face: are you scared ? are you worried ? are you hiding from ...somebody ?

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  1. Nice voice you have in here¡¡ Keep it surreal¡¡