Sunday, April 25, 2010

A day in a life of a human beign

What is it like to be a human being ?
Being able to do things like :
...and creating.
These are the sketches of this month. Are you sure you are a human being ?

You may be surprised

There are things in life that come at some moment in life that you do not expect them. Be ready to receive them. They may be good news.

That was good

At the end of the day, some coffee or tea and cookies...or why not a cold beer on a warm day...gosh...that was really good.


Love me as I am

yes, I am ugly, fat, hairy I do not dress properly, but people say I am nice. So please, love me as I am. and you should love yourself the way you are...FAT ASS.


I need to calm down

After a heated discussion with somebody. You know you are right. you know that the evidence shows the real thing. You yell and get exited . Now CALM DOWN please.


Confused and Unresolved

And now what,,?? after all this mess in my mind and after all there anything else to do . I just need to gather my thoughts and solve the puzzle.

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