Sunday, August 26, 2012

Do Not Fall

Do Not Fall

These are a series of Sketches made on a Sunday afternoon while thinking about the upcoming Fall season and the reasons why humans beings should not fall after being facing troubles in life.

A Beast Inside You

This is the voice inside you telling you to fail and do wrong. Just do not pay attention to it, but the opposite.


These are as simple as choosing A over B or B over A . Sometimes, we complicate ourselves about something very simple.

Green Life

Am I refering here about life in another planet ? or

Am I refering  to be concerned about the environment ?

Such a Liar

Telling a lie big or small , it is still a lie, but everything depends if it hurts or not another person.

Warm Thought

It is is is cold.

But my thoughts are warm and I do not want them to cool down.