Sunday, November 14, 2010

Where is your inner - self ?

Who is going to save you ?

If there is a hell and you do not believe in such, where are you going after you die? If you have been a sinner. Do you think you would go to HELL or maybe JAIL ?

Pray for your soul

If you really have a soul who moves you and gives you energy to do the things in this life.
Should you pray for your soul to go to a better place than earth after you die?

Figure it out

If you do not know who you are , or you do not know what to believe,,,,Man just figure it out!!!!

Angels everywhere

If you were an Angel, where would you be now ?
If you believe in Angels, who is your angel ?
If you do not believe in Angels, then you are screwed and you will not have anybody to protect your soul.

...and you still practice what you preach ?

If you do not practice what you advice to people...would you be a bad person ?

If you say and say, and repeat and would never be allowed to make are a human...then MAKE MISTAKES .,,,,but make sure to learn from them and never MAKE them again.

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