Tuesday, December 7, 2010

And what about me...

Today's drawings are about ME. Egocentric and individualistic human being. Why everything must be around me and all my being? There are many MEs around and today these pics are for you and only you.

Kill ME

Once you love me and learn how I am you may want to kill who I am.


Take ME

Once you kill me because you loved me it is time to take me to the graveyard and leave some flowers so I can remember YOU.


Love ME

If you loved me ....it is because I meant something for you and I am pretty sure you will love ME all your life.


Live ME

Did you enjoy every moment with me ?
Remember all those good things we used to do together and live ME in your heart.


En-light ME

Give me all your knowledge , all your wisdom, guide me to the right path, now that I am not here...En-light ME.

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